How Cool is That!

This is Stupid!

Can I get an AMEN!”

This is heard around the shop at Pacillo’s Custom Furniture in West Palm Beach, Florida. It’s all good when you hear the owner Rob Pacillo shout “Boom!”. You then hear shouts echoing around the shop from his family of employees that have been in this dynamic mix for more than 17 years and still going strong.

Before going any further, Pacillo’s Custom Furniture is built on the foundation of integrity, pride in workmanship and the love of an Artist’s self expression. The soul and passion of true old world craftsmanship.

“We make boxes look pretty”, again, this is what you may hear Rob Pacillo say. But is not that simple. Rob Pacillo was born to do what he does. He is an Artisan in all forms and on all levels. These “pretty boxes” he refers to are the finest hand crafted furniture you will ever find. Where there is no rule book, there are no limitations. In a world where many live inside the box; Rob Pacillo the craftsman, artist and creator is way outside the box.

Rob Pacillo feels blessed to use his God given talents to do what he loves. This is what he was chosen to do. This is what he is.

May we all have the pleasure of hearing “BOOM!”.

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Main: (561) 687-5200
Direct: (561) 853-5711
Fax: (888) 608-9981

6537 Southern Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33413